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Super DHA - Platinum Naturals


Super DHA contains 525mg of DHA, which is one of the highest levels of DHA in a capsule on the market. DHA is important for eye health and normal brain function. You also get a full dose of vitamin D to help with bone and immune support.

  • Supports visual and cognitive function
  • Improves Improve Focus

60 Capsules

Purity is our first priority

The fish oils used in Super DHA are molecularly distilled to remove any heavy metals and contaminants, including mercury, pesticides and lead. Super DHA fish oil goes through rigorous testing to meet Epax EcoVision standards to ensure that fish oil is ethically sourced from fisheries.

Building blocks for the brain
It’s important to supplement our diets with DHA. DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is a long-chain essential fatty acid that serves as a major building block of the brain and the retina. DHA offers the primary building blocks for developing a healthy brain, central nervous system and vision.

Additional source of Vitamin D
Sometimes getting enough Vitamin D can be a challenge. Vitamin D helps to strengthen your immune system, increase bone density and support cardiovascular health.