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Anti-Embolism - Knee High Compression Socks - Open Toe - Short || 18mmHg



Product Description (808s):

Doctor-recommended for the recuperating patient, Truform anti-embolism stockings are designed to help reduce the danger of thromboembolic disease for the reclining or bed-confined patient. They are also ideal for use with the post-surgical, home convalescing patient. The open toe feature allows for easy toe inspection by a caregiver. The beige color option allows for a more attractive appearance. 

Product Features:

• Graduated compression; 18 mmHg targeted at the ankle
• Non-constricting, soft stay-up top for comfort
• Open toe design
• Manufactured using 89% nylon & 11% spandex
• Does not contain any natural rubber latex
• Short length, under 15in from heel to knee

Product Use:

• Prevention of thromboembolism
• Reclining or bed-confined home convalescence


• L: 8.25in
• W: 4.50in
• D: 1.25in