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Anti-Embolism - Knee High Compression Socks - Silicone Dot Top - Open Toe || 30-40mmHg

$35.91 $54.99


Product Description (844):

Designed to help relieve more pronounced conditions associated with poor circulation. Ideal for individuals that have difficulty keeping a soft-top garment in place. Featuring a classic styling and a smooth opaque fabric help conceal unsightly conditions. The open toe allows for easy inspection. For men and women. 

Product Features:

• Therapeutic graduated compression
• Extra-firm support
• Open toe design
• Classic, concealing opaque fabric
• Non-constricting silicone stay-up top
• Standard and "super" sizes
• Manufactured using 80% nylon and 20% spandex

Product Use:

• Severe varicosities
• Severe edema & lymphatic edema
• Venous ulcerations & chronic venous insufficiency
• Post-thrombotic syndrome
• Orthostatic hypotension
• Post sclerotherapy & other surgery


• L: 8.25in
• W: 4.50in
• D: 1.00in