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Anti-Embolism - Thigh High Compression Socks - Soft Top - Open Toe || 20-30mmHg



Product Description (866):

Doctor-recommended for the recuperating patient, Truform anti-embolism stockings are designed to help reduce the danger of thromboembolic disease for the reclining or bed-confined patient. They are also ideal for use with the post-surgical, home convalescing patient. The open toe feature allows for easy toe inspection by a caregiver. The beige color option allows for a more attractive appearance. 

Truform medical wear stockings are designed to help relieve moderate conditions associated with poor circulation. Truform medical stockings features smooth opaque fabric that helps conceal unsightly conditions. Open toe allows for easy inspection. Color options are basic neutrals for all-occasion wear. For men and women; features a silicone dot top to help keep stockings in place without a garter belt or liquid adhesive. 

Product Features:

• Therapeutic graduated compression
• Firm support
• Classic, concealing opaque fabric
• Non-restricting, silicone beaded stay-up-top
• Open toe design
• Manufactured using 80% nylon & 20% spandex
• Non-constricting, soft stay-up-top (for use with garter belt)

Product Use:

• Tired, aching legs
• Moderate varicosities & edema
• Post sclerotherapy & other surgery
• Recurrence of venous ulcerations
• Superficial thrombophlebitis


• L: 8.25in
• W: 4.50in
• D: 1.25in