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Amazing Almond
Banana Brilliance
Bubbly Blueberry
Cherry Cherish
Chocolate Choice
Classic Cardamom
Cool Cotton Candy
Crazy Coconut
Creamy Caramel
Giggling Grape
Lively Lemon
Mango Tango
Marvellous Mint
Opulent Orange
Peachy Peach
Pineapple Pleasure
Radiant Raspberry
Royal Rose
Scintillating Cinnamon
Strawberry Splash
Succulent Saffron
Valiant Vanilla
Magnificent Maple

Flavorall is an all-natural, safe, calorie and sugar-free, liquid sweetener made with high-purity Stevia from the Stevia rebaudiana herb. Flavorall is made in 25 unique flavours making it a versatile option to add sweetness to your favourite foods, hot or cold drinks, baking or cooking recipes and even plain water with just a few drops. Our Canadian made, high-quality ingredients ensure that this Stevia-based flavouring liquid tastes great, with no bitter flavour and is easy to use and add to recipes.

Pack Size: 50ml.