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Obus Forme - Microbead Travel Neck Pillow


This high-density micro-bead travel pillow provides optimal comfort while on the go. It’s flat back design prevents your neck from pushing forward while leaning up against a chair as well as an adjustable strap to adjust pillow place while in use.

  • TRAVEL PILLOW WITH SUPPORT:High density micro-bead filling conforms to the contours of the neck, head and shoulders
  • COMFORT WHILE SITTING BACK:Flat rear section and compact neck pad prevent forward push when leaning back against seat
  • NECK & HEAD SUPPORT:Adjustable fastener securely holds pillow in place to prevent head nod
  • EASY TRAVEL:Buckles on to luggage when traveling
  • DUAL FABRICS:Plush top surface for exceptional comfort, smooth bottom surface to glide over clothing

 * This is a special-order item. Shipping times may vary.