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Senokot Natural Laxative Tablets - for Women


25 tablets
90 tablets

Women in Canada are nearly 2x as likely as men to experience constipation. Made with the natural senna plant, relieve your constipation symptoms with our women’s easy-to-swallow, laxative tablets.

The senna plant has been used throughout history for gently relieving constipation; that’s why SENOKOT® Tablets use natural senna.

What is senna?

Senna is a plant that’s been grown and harvested as a natural laxative for over 3,500 years. In modern times, the laxative effects of the senna plant have been identified as sennosides and are commonly used to treat constipation.

How does senna work?

The senna used in SENOKOT® is extracted from the deseeded and dried pods of the Cassia Acutifolia Delile, otherwise known as Senna alexandrina. To ensure a standardized dose and consistent potency in every tablet, we only use the deseeded pods of the senna plant once they have been ground up into a fine standardized powder. The sennosides (or senna glycosides) found within the senna plant stimulate a series of comfortable wave-like contractions called peristalsis to help encourage bowel movements and to ease constipation. SENOKOT® Tablets use natural senna. SENOKOT®•S also contains a stool softener.

Made in Canada, Senokot has become the #1 most trusted laxative by Canadian shoppers.

Available in packs of 25 or 90 tablets