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Way of Will STAY SAFE HAND WASH Lavender & Tea Tree


Keep yourself and your loved ones safe by hand-washing frequently and adopting good hygiene practices

Way of Will's Stay Safe Hand Wash uses the powerful cleansing and detoxifying powers of lavender and tea tree essential oils to keep your skin thoroughly cleansed, purified, and free of dirt, sweat, and bacteria

Good to know:

  • It’s formulated to be effective against impurities while gentle on skin, so your hands will stay hydrated and soft no matter how often you wash them
  • This potent hand wash is created not only to help you stay safe through hand-washing, but also to uplift and calm troubled minds during these difficult times
  • Naturally cleansing, detoxifying, and hydrating
  • Effectively combats dirt, sweat, and bacteria
  • Lavender Oil is calming and powerful against impurities